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Birsay Heritage Trust Welcomes Members


    The original Birsay Heritage Trust (BHT) was founded in 1998 to restore the operation of the Barony Mill (sometimes known as the Boardhouse Mill) which had been abandoned. The Barony Mill is now in good heart providing traditional stone ground bere and oats, and, in summer, serving as a popular tourist attraction. However, it was never the intent to restrict activities to the Mill only. The new Trust structure can now fulfil the interests and aspirations of a wider public.

Currently, these interests include

The conservation of the unusual control tower at the Twatt Naval Air Station, the HMS Tern. It is planned to be part of the Defence of Britain program and to display aircraft remains in cooperation with Aircraft Research Group of Orkney and Shetland.

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Hampshire approaches. The Kitchener tower needs repair; that would make a fitting memorial to the all the men lost in that disaster


    There are many other aspects of heritage to be recorded and displayed, including archaeological sites, both prehistoric and more recent. You can participate and bring fresh ideas and energy to preserving the heritage of our Orkney. A Membership form is available here which can be printed, filled out and sent to the Barony Mill, a PDF Version is also available for download or for more information, you may use our Guest Book contact.


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The Birsay Heritage Trust is a Recognised Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, SCO 26742

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